Bao Bones

The fastest, easiest way to setup and animate an IK rig in After Effects!

Setting bones for an inverse kinematic chain has never been easier.


How is it different from other rigging tools?

  • ‘Bones’ performs distortion directly on layers, offering smoothly bent junctions.
  • It doesn’t require straight arms or legs. It can be set on already bent arms and legs, avoiding heavy preparation work in Photoshop.
  • All the geometry computation is done directly inside the plugin, so you won’t need extra Null layers and / or heavy expressions.
  • ‘Bones’ is also the only rigging tool entirely keyframable, including parenting, overlapping, kinematics mode (inverse, direct, manual) …
  • ‘Bones’ comes with its own interface, ‘Puppeteer’, that lets you control several ‘Bones’ at a time.
  • It’s hardware accelerated, using OpenGL engine, for super fast rendering.


Smooth skinning

Because it’s all setup on one layer, you get a “skinned” character that stretches smoothly without any layer gaps.


Pupeteer – Control your entire character on one layer

Pupeteer allows you to control many instances of Bones from one layer.


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